The Trumpocracy Tumbles?

So we have reached a point where the candidates are mere weeks from the day of reckoning and SURPRISE! evidence surfaces that serves to prove what has been obvious to most clear minded Americans for months, if not years. The recent revelations of Donald J. Trump’s misogynist “locker room banter” from 2005 has created a seismic shift in the dynamic of this nearly farsical presidential election. What is so shocking is not that such a conversation took place, that a recording of it exists or even that the recording came to light after all this time. What is so shocking, disturbing and infuriating is that this revelation, despite the quick and loud response from the GOP leadership condeming their candidate’s words, changes nothing in the overall stance of the Republican party and a large number of American voters. No amount of distancing on the part of the Speaker of the House and his cronies erases the fact that Trump remains the nominee and the top name on their side of November’s ballot. This man, by choice of the registered Republican voters of this country and with the blessing of the party elite, is the so-called conservative voice in this election. He is your choice as commander-in-chief, the person you decided best represented your policies and philosophies. How is that working out for you?


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