Reduced Recycling

As a concept and in best practice, recycling is a wonderful idea. It finds ways to recover material that would otherwise occupy landfill space and uses it to create new products and materials. Some of these materials, theoretically, are infinitely recyclable as the chemical structure does not deteriorate and so could virtually eliminate the need […]


Smoking Symbolism

It has been long established that flag burning is an activity protected under the First Amendment. The burning of this symbol strikes many as unpatriotic, seditious, insulting and decidedly illegitimate protest. The beauty of the First Amendment, however, lies in its ability to elevate controversial forms of protest and defend them against silencing. It reinforces […]

A Trip West

13 January 2017 – Burlington, NC How many good ‘ol boys does it take to hook up a trailer to a rental truck? The answer, at least at the moment, is four. Our journey west began before breakfast as we loaded boxes and furniture into the rented truck, our covered wagon to the Lone Star […]

Greasy Spoon Politics

One of the fascinating yet infuriating things about being a leftist member of a small town community is having a meal at the local diner. This town is inhabited by many older white ‘folks’ who seem to think there is no world beyond the borders of the contiguous United States and that the ghost of Ronald […]

Welcome to the Circus

The American conservative, if we are to take anything from this terrifying joke of an election, is an amazing creature. Capable of astounding feats of hypocrisy, remarkable leaps of faith, daring acts of logical acrobatics and awesome rhetorical magic, this group has singlehandedly brought the United States to the precipice. Whether or not the nation […]

Judgment Day is Near

As I write this, the sun has just risen on the final week of the 2016 election and, strangely enough, there has not been a genuine effort on the part of some to break away and create their own Trumpocracy. That is not to say that such a movement will not develop in the near […]

The Trumpocracy Tumbles?

So we have reached a point where the candidates are mere weeks from the day of reckoning and SURPRISE! evidence surfaces that serves to prove what has been obvious to most clear minded Americans for months, if not years. The recent revelations of Donald J. Trump’s misogynist “locker room banter” from 2005 has created a seismic […]

White Guilt and the Meaning of Racism

What do we mean when we talk about racism? Is it the wholesale enslavement of Africans and the subsequent segregation and imprisonment of their progeny? Is it the false reality in which white Americans insulate themselves that allows state-sanctioned murders to play out on police cameras while we cover our ears and say to ourselves […]