Losing (Black) Face

America has always had a contentious relationship with multiculturalism and, specifically, its tendency to simultaneously devalue and co-opt Black culture and Black bodies. One of the more blatant and visible examples of this is in the long tradition of white people using “blackface” and the practice of minstrelsy to demean people of color, perpetuate damaging […]

Just Incentivize It

Why is it that our elected officials at the city and state levels are so quick to promise the moon to corporations looking to expand, relocate or establish themselves? The short answer, of course, is that they are not looking for long term returns or benefits for their constituents but are instead looking only at […]

Kids > Bombs

There seems to be two unassailable truths when it comes to policymaking and government budgeting: 1) military spending is sacrosanct and 2) education related spending, however much it’s praised during campaigning, is always a viable source of savings. Let us, for a moment, consider the case of a program called 21st Century Community Learning Centers, […]

Judgment Day is Near

As I write this, the sun has just risen on the final week of the 2016 election and, strangely enough, there has not been a genuine effort on the part of some to break away and create their own Trumpocracy. That is not to say that such a movement will not develop in the near […]

Fact Check – Senate Edition

Researchers, journalists and political wonks have been very busy this election when it comes to the subject of fact checking. Of course the main focus has been looking into the claims and accusations of the most visible figures on the national stage, but there has been plenty of work to be done further down the […]

The Great Debate

I will begin by stating, firmly and loudly, that I did not watch the 26 September ‘debate’ between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I was getting ready for bed by the time it started and was asleep by the time it concluded. I do not feel that I missed anything important and, based upon the […]