Blood Sport

Mass shootings have eclipsed baseball and even football as the national pastime of the United States of America. Unincumbered by schedules, seasons or even rules and regulations, firearm fanatics wow audiences with their brazen acts of terrorism and leave observers breathless and anxious to see how the next game plays out. Most of the players are new to us although they have played for years in the minor leagues for teams like the Red Flags and the Violent Histories, but once they get called up to the majors, their careers, while short, are always spectacular. Some of them remain only locally famous, but the very best, the ones who rack up the highest or youngest body counts, ensure themselves a spot in the Second Amendment Hall of Fame alongside recent stars like Roof, Lanza and Cruz as well as legends like Harris and Klebold. Like favorite NFL or NCAA teams we discuss their tactics, analyze their playbooks and pretend that things would have turned out differently if only X, Y, or Z had happened. But the game continues, sponsored by the gun lobby, broadcast by the media and cheered on by government officials offering thoughts and prayers while pocketing their blood money in the name of freedom.


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