To Whom It May Concern…

In light of recent events in Parkland, Florida and before Las Vegas, Nevada, the nation finds itself once again contemplating its relationship with firearms and gun culture. Whatever the core cause of mass shootings, there is little room to deny that a pervasive obsession with firearms exists at every level of American society and that we can point to evidence of that celebration of violence everywhere. In particular, I point to the prominent placement of magazines devoted to firearms on your store’s periodicals rack. While I do not suggest simply glancing through a magazine creates mass murderers, I do suggest that keeping publications such as these in your store offers tacit approval of an industry that has demonstrated a decided lack of concern or culpability for its part in our recurring national tragedies. Additionally, I believe that continuing to have magazines such as Guns & Ammo‘s special AR-15 issues dishonors the memory and sacrifice of all the Americans murdered by variants of this very same weapon.

I hope that you will consider this request in the spirit of peace and justice in which it is offered. I encourage you to coordinate with your vendors and suppliers in doing this small thing to lessen the power and influence of gun culture on this country on our communities.


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