Once Again

So… here we are again. It doesn’t seem like that long ago, does it? Where was it? Orlando, wasn’t it? That’s right. That’s when that guy killed all those people at that nightclub. It’s just like old times, isn’t it? Only this time it’s Las Vegas and even more people got killed and, oh yeah, the guy was a white US citizen who probably bought his gun legally and managed to get it into a high-rise hotel and rain havoc down on unsuspecting concertgoers below. You’re right — it’s not quite the same. This guy probably has no connection or even passing interest in ISIS ideology and he wasn’t targeting LGBT~ people. Does that make it better or worse? Does it even really matter who his targets were or the rationale behind the chaos? Not really. What’s important is that the Second Amendment is still safe and sound and that gun maker stocks are soaring on the likely buying spree that always follows these kinds of events. It doesn’t really matter that in an open carry state with relatively light gun regulation not a single “good guy with a gun” materialized to save the day. Maybe they were all busy protesting NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem or perhaps they were preoccupied with ensuring Confederate statues were properly respected. Anyhow, I’m sure they had their reasons… it’s not like they’re mythical superheroes or just legends gun fanatics tell us to preserve the anything goes gun culture the country has developed. At least we know that this too shall pass and that it’ll be chalked up to mental illness or relegated to the bin of “lone wolf” attacks that somehow seem to be more common than organized terror attacks from overseas threats. I’m sure it’s because Trump’s travel bans and laptop restrictions have done their job and kept the baddies out of the country. We really shouldn’t read too much into this Las Vegas shooting and we certainly don’t want to label it anything scary like “act of terrorism”. That would only confuse people and make them think people other than people of color can commit tremendous acts of violence. We have to remind ourselves that terrorists hate us because of our freedom, not that they take advantage of particular freedoms to mow down their fellow citizens from the 32nd floor of a Vegas hotel.

Furthermore, we have to be aware that the Left will undoubtedly paint this as an atrocious act of violence and will make ridiculous calls to curb the lawful buying and selling of guns as part of their globalist agenda. Don’t let them fool you. Of course this is a tragedy, just like Pulse was a regrettable tragedy… and Sandy Hook was a sad day for America… and Charleston was a unique and horrific event… The point is that we can’t let something like 50+ dead Americans at the hand of an American with an automatic weapon shooting into a crowded space in a major US city shift us from the importance of preserving our sacred freedom to bear arms and not be monitored when we decide to do so. Any waiting period should be considered an infringement upon our rights as Americans and our freedom to stockpile firearms should not be limited by any left-wing complaining. How else will we be able to defend ourselves when the zombie virus strikes or aliens (space and illegal) invade the country? How am I supposed to protect my family against thieves if I don’t have 14 shotguns, six sub-machine guns, a few dozen pistols and an anti-tank gun? Rely on the government? A government that wants to rape the land by creating national parks and protecting rivers from pollution and diversion for agriculture? Not on my watch!




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