The War in Our Heads

Is there a war against conservative free speech in this country? If we are to believe the tirades coming from such right-wing organs as The Daily Caller, there is no doubt that a war is raging between the Quixotic champions of the First Amendment (the vilified, threatened and intimidated voices of the political right) and the […]

Freedom from Embarrassment

The United States Constitution is, on the whole, an excellent guardian of the rights and powers any citizen of the country can and should exercise. Foremost among these rights are the right to freedom of expression and freedom of the press, both protected by the First Amendment. These freedoms, it has been argued, are the foundations upon […]

Whose Bathroom is it, Anyway? Redux

What we in North Carolina have witnessed over the past few days is, in many ways, a nearly perfect demonstration of how we would like our governments to work: neither side emerged fully satisfied, but both sides could still claim some degree of victory. The most despised element of the original S.L. 2016-3, the requirement […]

Greasy Spoon Politics

One of the fascinating yet infuriating things about being a leftist member of a small town community is having a meal at the local diner. This town is inhabited by many older white ‘folks’ who seem to think there is no world beyond the borders of the contiguous United States and that the ghost of Ronald […]

Relections on the Paradox

Point 1 | The lexicon of the liberal democracy is insufficient to appeal to all people in all contexts. The attraction to liberal democracy is largely dependant upon a multitude of factors, but it is impossible to identify any universal core principle that would require people to adopt a new liberal democratic form of organizing. The […]

Dawn of the Trumpocracy

The result of Tuesday’s election was an open-handed slap to the face of every woman, immigrant, person of color and supporter of progressive thought in the United States and the world. The election of Donald J. Trump as the head of state, regardless of any good that might come from it in the end, stands as an […]

Welcome to the Circus

The American conservative, if we are to take anything from this terrifying joke of an election, is an amazing creature. Capable of astounding feats of hypocrisy, remarkable leaps of faith, daring acts of logical acrobatics and awesome rhetorical magic, this group has singlehandedly brought the United States to the precipice. Whether or not the nation […]

White Guilt and the Meaning of Racism

What do we mean when we talk about racism? Is it the wholesale enslavement of Africans and the subsequent segregation and imprisonment of their progeny? Is it the false reality in which white Americans insulate themselves that allows state-sanctioned murders to play out on police cameras while we cover our ears and say to ourselves […]

We Still Haven’t Heard the Punchline

North Carolina’s lawmakers, governor and a not insignificant portion of its citizens remain steadfast and determined to protect the state’s infamous Session Law 2016-3, more commonly known as HB2, popularly known as the “Bathroom Bill”. The national criticism and international condemnation has only now begun to move Republican members of the General Assembly to distance themselves […]