Requiem for the American Dream

Whatever one’s opinions or feelings regarding Donald J. Trump as head of state, a businessman, parent, spouse or human being, there is no denying the profound influence he has exercised over large swaths of the American electorate. His boorish approach to leadership has captivated millions. His indifference to advice and recommendations has been applauded by […]

Dawn of the Trumpocracy

The result of Tuesday’s election was an open-handed slap to the face of every woman, immigrant, person of color and supporter of progressive thought in the United States and the world. The election of Donald J. Trump as the head of state, regardless of any good that might come from it in the end, stands as an […]

Welcome to the Circus

The American conservative, if we are to take anything from this terrifying joke of an election, is an amazing creature. Capable of astounding feats of hypocrisy, remarkable leaps of faith, daring acts of logical acrobatics and awesome rhetorical magic, this group has singlehandedly brought the United States to the precipice. Whether or not the nation […]

Judgment Day is Near

As I write this, the sun has just risen on the final week of the 2016 election and, strangely enough, there has not been a genuine effort on the part of some to break away and create their own Trumpocracy. That is not to say that such a movement will not develop in the near […]